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The name's Jim Bob and I am thee redneck pilot. This here site is for simple folk that yearn to fly but donít have the means to crack the nut of a Columbia, Beech, Cessna or a Mooney.

Kinda like the Pluggers in the Sunday funnies, redneck planes and redneck pilots are working stock; more likely to be gettin' their hands dirty than be gentrified. We're good folk an hard workin' -- the kind of people that built this country. Think of us like this: the A-10 warthog is a redneck plane the F-22 raptor is not.

I come from simple folk, livin on what my family could grow in the garden and dandelion greens from the yard. My brother would bring home a critter that he kilt now and then so that we had meat on the table.  Now that Iím growed up I love dogs, football and flyin.

This site is about havin' some fun and with your support makin enough to build me a plane of my own. We'll be sellin' aviation memorabilia, windsocks, kites, t-shirts, salsa, jellies and jams, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Now keep in mind I ain't Congress spendin' money I aint got. I am payin' as I go tryin' to build this site without debt.

So please stop back often to see how were comin' along and what is new. We would greatly appreciate your support!